• GVD provides a wide range of professional services, these services are project specific and tailored for your needs.

    • Site and property assessment
    • Client brief analysis
    • Concept and design development
    • Design drafting and documentation
    • 3D modelling and rendering
    • Residential Energy Efficiency assessment using BERS Pro computer modelling
    • Commercial buildings energy efficiency assessment in accordance with BCA
    • Project co-ordinating and consultant consultation
    • Town planning advise, documentation and application lodgement


Excellent documentation is vital to a smooth building process.

GVD’s documentation is known to be clear, precise and correct, making your building project run efficiently.


    • Site Visit
    • Client meetings and brief
    • Design development
    • Preliminary drawings, planning approvals if required
    • Soil testing and engineering assessment
    • Final working drawing documentation for building approval and construction.


    • Site Visit
    • Client meetings and brief
    • Town planning and building code assessment
    • Design development
    • Preliminary drawings, planning approvals if required
    • Consultant consultation and engagement
    • Building Construction Drawings and Documentation for building approval and construction.


GVD Building Design can work with you to create your dream home.

GVD designs for

Simple residential properties

These are normally flat sites, single storey homes

  • Small/medium homes
  • Small lot developments
  • Climate suitable/sustainable design

Complex residential properties

These are sloping sites and multi-level homes

  • Cutting edge designs
  • Multi storey, multi level homes
  • Complex and sloping site design
  • Mixed construction materials, light weight design
  • Climate suitable/sustainable design

Multi residential development

These are normally two homes or more on a single site

  • Dual occupancies (two properties)
  • Multiple dwellings (three or more properties)
  • Resort development
  • Walk up Unit development
  • Accommodation buildings/motels

Commercial and Industrial development

  • Warehouses  (eg: Tony Ireland Rusco)
  • Industrial buildings (eg: Brown and Hurley)
  • Retail developments
  • Office and showroom buildings (eg: Tony Ireland Holden)
  • Public buildings (eg: Julia Creek Information Centre)
  • Sporting facilities (eg: Kalynda Tennis Centre)
  • Day Care Centre’s
  • Medical facilities

GVD Building Design has long standing relationships with many of Townsville’s well established, reputable and leading building companies.  Click here to see our Associates