All about Building Designers and working with GVD Building Design

What is a Building Designer?

A Building Designer should be your first point of call. A qualified Building Designer will design your home or commercial building,  prepare your construction (working) drawings and assemble all the other documents and/or consultants required for the necessary approvals and construction. Your building designer can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of design such as, style, aesthetic appeal, compliance, building costs, services required, suitable construction, sustainability, town planning or other regulations relevant to your project.

GVD Building Design will look after all of the services required to obtain building approval where possible or engage the required consultants for you.

Can you work with my builder?

Yes. Very important that we do.  You are free to choose any builder to construct your property.

Are you tied to a builder?

No, your property can be built by the builder of your choice. We have many long standing relationships with outstanding local builders.

What is the difference between using you and getting a plan from a builder?

If you have a plan designed by a Building Designer you will have a properly designed building with all aspects of the design process considered. Layout, lifestyle, orientation, cost, construction, materials, aesthetic appeal, sustainability and suitability.  You can choose any builder to cost and construct. If you obtain a plan from a builder you must only use that builder for construction of that plan.

Can you get building costs for the plans you design?

A builder can do a costing from the plans we design. GVD Building Design does also provide costing advice but not a quote.

Can you handle the planning documentation process?

Yes we can.  If Town planning is required, this will be identified at the site assessment stage and we will provide a quote to get that work done.

I am looking for a simple design – can you help?

Yes we can. GVD Building Design can design a simple plan to suit your needs.  Also, if you provide us with some detail of the type of home you want and perhaps your lot we can suggest some Design Plans for you from GVD Plan Hub, which offers a range of predesigned plans to suit local Townsville Sub Division and Building Requirements.

What if I don’t like the plan you design?

The design process is not fixed & involves feedback and communication all through the process. There are always parts or sometime large components of a design that a client may not be happy with.  Changes, other ideas & concerns are part of the process and are explored and explained.

I have my own ideas about a house plan – can you work with that?

Yes we can work with your ideas to design a home that will suit your lifestyle.  We have many years experience in home design and can often suggest options that clients have not considered to improve on a design that you have been working on.

I have several plans from builders and I want to combine some ideas, can you work with that?

You cannot use the designs of other builders or designers without copyright approval. We can provide advice regarding this complex issue. If you need to get a design done to suit your own requirements we can create a design to suit your needs.

Will anyone else have the same plan as mine?

All plans designed by GVD Building Design are exclusive to each client, therefore nobody will have exactly the same house design as you.

How long does it take to design a plan?

The design process can be short if the brief from the owner is clear and simple. The more involved the design becomes, the more time it takes and more costly it becomes.